Hi everyone, after the new regulations set out yesterday evening, and with a very heavy heart I am sorry to say that I am unable to deliver any more tennis lessons and sessions until further notice. Riccall Tennis Club will also be closed for the next 3 weeks and until further notice.

As tempting as it may be, please do not go down and play with your children/ family/ friends there as it is going against the latest guidelines from our government and the LTA. I hope you can all keep safe and please do try to exercise every day by going for a walk, run or cycle, and stay as fit and healthy as you can. We can fight this virus together.

Please consider that I live with what I earn at the club as coaching tennis is my main job and I tried everything I could to ensure we kept tennis going as long as we possibly could, but unfortunately it now has to stop. Thank you for all your support , stay safe and hopefully I will see you soon and we can all enjoy our beautiful new courts together.

Sasha Taylor X

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